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Carpets provide a great type of flooring - they provide cushioning, soundproofing, and aesthetic value to a room. However, there is one major problem with carpets - they're difficult to clean. They accumulate dust and dirt faster than normal floors because their fibers trap particles that should be easily removed in normal flooring. Although rugs can be cleaned with standard vacuum cleaners, professional service if often needed for your business. With the quality service from Quick Brite, carpets of large rooms can be cleaned properly because special materials, equipment & care that are used with every clean. 


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Different Carpet stains

At Quick Brite, we handle any kind of carpet stains including the following:

Water-based stains - These carpet stains are the easiest to clean but are also the most common. Regular washing with medium-strength detergent should get rid of these kinds of stains. Water-based carpet stains are typically food, beverages, beer, soup, and others.


Oil-based stains - These stains are a bit tougher to remove than water-based stains. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most difficult stains to get rid of in carpets. Consumer carpet stain removers contain regular soap, which may only partially remove these kinds of stains. Oil-based stains include adhesives, butter, cooking oils, cosmetics, crayons, grease, gum, cream, inks, oil, ointment, peanut butter, wax, and many others.


Water-Oil Combination -  These stains include salad dressing, oily foods of all types, chocolate, mayonnaise, and protein-based stains such as milk, ice cream, and other food categories. Like oil-based stains, they require the proper chemicals to completely remove.


Juice and Dye Stains - There are many different varieties of this carpet stain because of the various types of dyes found in juices, foods and beverages, medications, and other consumer products. These kinds of stains must be addressed more quickly than those of other types, as dyes can sometimes dye carpet fibers, resulting in a permanent stain.


Pet Stains - As an animal-loving society, we usually allow pets in our living areas, but they cause real problems when it comes to staining the carpet. Animals stain can be quite difficult to remove and can leave a nasty odor, if not dealt with properly. Carpet stains in this category include urine, feces, vomit, and other organic materials.


Coffee and Tea Stains - These type of stains have their own category because they are quite difficult to remove. Coffee and tea contain "tannins," which leaves brown, tan, or yellow discolorations on carpets. Aside from the difficulty of removing these stains, the urgency of removing them also makes them one of the toughest stains to get rid of.


Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaner


When thinking of hiring a professional carpet cleaner instead of just vacuuming the carpet, keep this in mind: If you're considering removing stains, odors, germs, and dust mites, then it must be time for a periodic cleaning. The right carpet cleaning service will provide you with a more comfortable and healthy living space. Most carpet cleaning professionals such as Quick Brite not only specializes in cleaning carpets. We also clean upholstered furniture, hard surface floors, and along-tile and grout.


Moreover, the right Bloomington IL carpet cleaner will perform a pre-inspection, walking through the location and addressing any areas requiring special attention. Furthermore, capable carpet cleaners such as Quick Brite will want to know whether you require the carpet to be cleaned of allergens, These precautionary steps allow us to do our job better.


3 Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet Cleaner

1. The right carpet cleaner will offer a satisfaction guarantee. - At Quick Brite, not only do we do a good job, we guarantee it.


2. Explore the best method for your situation. - Wet or dry cleaning methods are available, and your carpet contractor should be able to provide appropriate advice on this.


3. Learn about previous jobs and testimonies - Quick Brite's satisfied customers have nothing to say but the best praises for our work. You may contact us to learn more about our past projects and find out how we can help you.   


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When considering a professional cleaning service for your business, only one name should come to mind - Quick Brite. We have professionally trained technicians to handle your carpet using the latest cleaning products that are both safe and effective. We provide the following services:

For more information about our excellent services, or to get a free quote on a job you require, get in touch with us today.

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