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Cleaning Services in Bloomington, IL


For years, Quick-Brite has been providing quality cleaning services in Bloomington, IL. Our team is focused on maintaining high quality, constant communication, and competitive prices. Save time & money this year by hiring Quick-Brite to professionally clean your home or apartment!


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We have a variety of professional services that are customized to fit your needs in Bloomington, IL. From housekeeping services to flood cleanup, carpet cleaning & move out cleaning, Quick-Brite is the name to trust! You can view our great reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp to get a better sense for the great quality work we do!


Our pricing is straight forward & fair. We strive to remain competitive while maintaining a high level of professional cleaning services, saving you both time and out of pocket costs. Our flexible pricing structure allows us to charge by the project or by the time spent, leaving you with a great return on your investment.


Housekeeping Services in Bloomington, IL

Everyone wants to live in a clean house. Not everyone has the time to continually clean and maintain their home amidst their busy schedules. Our Bloomington, IL housekeeping services allow you to keep time for yourself in your schedule, while allowing our housekeeping team to clean each room at a professional standard.


Some of the great services we offer include:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuum
  • Clean Air Ducts
  • Professional Floor Care
  • Cleaning Windows
  • Remove Lime Buildup in Showers
  • Complete Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaning
  • Carpet Care
  • & More!


Residential Cleaning in Bloomington, IL

With our residential cleaning, you will come home each time to a completely clean home, giving you more time in your day to enjoy family & friends. Live life like you’re always on vacation, have us clean-up for you multiple times per week if that works best for you! House cleaning is one of our most successful services, thanks to our consistent quality & care for your home. Each room will be cleaned & cared for in a way that best presents itself to your family & guests.


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Flood Cleanup in Bloomington, IL

Do not let water damage ruin the value of your home. Oftentimes, potential home buyers will remove a home from consideration when they find out the basement has been flooded and not properly maintained. Our professional flood cleanup services can return your home to its original state by working hard to fix the effects of water damage quickly. Flood & water restoration is not easy, but we use a system that is utilized by some of the best flood cleanup professionals in the world. Whether from a leaking roof, busted pipe, or heavy rainfall finding its way into your basement, we will take care of your house and do everything possible to restore & clean damaged areas.


Move Out Cleaners in Bloomington, IL

When moving out of a home or apartment in Bloomington-Normal, IL, the last thing many residents want to deal with is cleaning the property to a “like-new” state. With apartments or rental properties, landlords will often withhold part or all of the security deposit if the rental property isn’t left in a cleaned condition.


When selling your home, the new homeowners may begin with a bad taste in their mouth if you haven’t properly cleaned the home. There are enough things to worry about when moving houses, don’t let cleaning your current home be one of them! We will professionally service & clean your carpet, windows, rooms, bathrooms & kitchens from top to bottom to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.  


Imagine buying your next home, but the current homeowner hasn’t been so nice. Maybe they didn’t take great ongoing care of the property and each room has dust & other undesirable materials throughout. We allow you to focus on the move & closing, let us take care of professionally cleaning your new home! We offer timely services that will allow you to enjoy your new home as quickly as possible.


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Carpet Cleaning in Bloomington, IL

When searching for Bloomington, IL carpet cleaners, there are many factors to take into consideration. What is the price of the services? Do they have good testimonials from unbiased previous clients? How soon can they clean my carpets? Do they have organic products that will not cause allergic reaction to my family or pets?


When performing our free estimate & consultation services, we can help answer these questions and help you feel at peace with how your carpets will be! Don’t settle for stained carpets caked with unpleasant odors, let Quick-Brite in Bloomington, IL clean your carpets for you! A rental carpet cleaner doesn’t cover half of what having your carpets professionally cleaned does.


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