Floor Stripping in Bloomington, IL

Floor Stripping and waxing

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Floor Stripping in Bloomington, IL
Many people over the years have stripped their floors themselves. We know what a burden it is to manually strip a floor and wax by hand. Without the proper equipment, this is simply too big a job for the regular business owner. Why not let us bring our tools to work for you?

Licensed FLOOR Specialists In Bloomington IL

Any property owner with a tile or commercial floor has their concerns about waxing and floor stripping. We have a team of licensed professionals that will be happy to get on their hands and knees so that you don’t have to! When a place of business needs floor maintenance, QuickBrite is there to make your messes go away. We specialize in comprehensive cleaning services for commercial properties. We also offer additional janitorial services for that frequent upkeep around the office. 
When it comes time to renovate an apartment complex or property, floor stripping and burnishing becomes an essential but arduous task. Our specialty in move out cleaning provides the necessary services to completely clear an area of construction or renovation debris. We will care for your floors in order to increase safety, collect hazardous material, prevent damage and repair old flooring. If you are looking for repair, servicing, or floor cleaning in Bloomington, look no further!



Not all of our services involve routine contracts. For floor stripping jobs, we recommend follow-up cleanings after the initial service. We realize that maintenance services can be a burden to staff operations as they occasionally interrupt office hours. For our standard services, we will work around your schedule so that you have minimal interruptions to business matters.
Our staff are prepared to work overnight and around the clock to get your floor back to its optimal condition. If you are interested in scheduling routine services for the first time, floor stripping might be your first step moving forward. If you find yourself in need of a floor wax as well, not to worry! These are services that can easily be handled in one visit. If you need floor stripping in Bloomington IL, Quick Brite is the business to call.
Hard Surface Burnishing
Most hard surfaces require a yearly clean in order to ensure the life of the floor. Burnishing is a process by which certified cleaners wax a floor for maximum shine. In order to be able to do so, some floors contain old layers of finish. Therefore, we must first strip and remove all coats before cleaning the floor itself. We recommend regular burnishing and polishing on a yearly basis for:
  • most commercial hard floor surfaces
  • vinyl composition tile (VCT)
  • luxury vinly tile (LVT)
  • laminate floating
  • hardwoods
  • rubber
  • ceramic tile
  • linoleum
  • asphalt
  • cork

Water Damage Cleanup

In the case of accidents resulting in water damage, we can provide immediate response for complete clean up. Whether the damage is large or small, the negative effects water can have on floors is serious. In addition to the risk of ruining personal belongings, supplies, and electronic connections, mold growth is a common detriment to a property damaged by water.
Over time, a damaged floor can also result in a weakened building structure. We can help provide peace of mind despite distrubances to your team's operations. Your property deserves the best treatment in case of disaster. Floor stripping allows you to start from scratch and reverse the effects of mold and water damage.
Benefits of Floor Stripping and Waxing
    • old layers of finish deteriorate over time and become aesthetically displeasing
    • clears floor in order to put down new layers of finish
    • cleanliness means a longer life for your floors
    • waxing prevents dust buildup
    • waxing primarily keeps moisture from attracting to the floor, which causes eventual surface damage
    • holds floor shine and luster for longer


Every floor has a lifetime, and especially for industrial or commercial flooring, cleaning expenses can become a detriment to overall sales and operation. These are services that, if well maintained, do not have to result in entire replacement very often. Coats of floor finish are found on resilient surfaces such as vinyl flooring, tile, and hardwood. If you are unsure of the type of finish you have or how long it has been since refinishing, give us a call! We would be happy to give your property an inspection and provide you a free quote of our services. A consultation also gives us a better chance to explain your full range of options and better assess the condition of your floor. Depending on the surface, we may have the option to partially finish the floor where the coat is gone and give a maintenance coat for the rest. 


Old layers of floor finish can not only damage the surface of a floor, but stripping chemicals need to be handled with care. We have staff trained to properly handle and dispose of the products necessary to repair a floor. As a team, QuickBrite reduces the hazard of floor stripping and wax through the use of environmentally safe products. For every job that requires this service, our staff proceed with the proper supervision. Oftentimes, overnight janitorial services may go unsupervised - but this will never be the case with our team. You can trust a QuickBrite professional to oversee your floor stripping in Bloomington IL.

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