Janitorial Services In Bloomington, IL

janitorial services in Bloomington, IL

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Every commercial property needs a consistently clean space, whether it is an office, apartment complex, or storefront. It is obvious to clients and customers when a bathroom, lobby, or entryway is unkempt and dirty. Here at Quick Brite we want to bring you the best first impression possible. 

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Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate branch with multiple floors in a building, our certified staff are the most dedicated and detailed in Bloomington-Normal. Our janitorial services encompass comprehensive commercial floor care but goes far beyond the usual surface care and cleanup.
We will sanitize any common area and make sure you never run out of supplies! Don’t let your property fall into disrepair - schedule a regular visit from us! When it comes to janitorial services in the Bloomington area, we're the best.


Every member of an organization has the responsibility to keep their portion of the office, break room, etc. neat and tidy. However, there is product that gets communal use in every commercial property that cannot be helped. Here at Quick Brite, we take on the maintenance of those things that can become a hassle over time. You never have to run out of the essentials again!
While we don’t offer to trim the bushes or fix the coffee, we do have the capacity to keep any room stocked.
Below you will find a quick guide to each room and the janitorial services we offer to business in Bloomington, IL:



  • Comprehensive floor cleaning 
  • Trash removal
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Stocking common cleaning supplies
  • Disinfect light switches, landline telephones, etc


  • Stocking paper products
  • Stocking hygiene products
  • Stocking soap dispensaries
  • Surface sanitization
  • Trash removal


  • Stocking paper products
  • Trash removal
  • Surface cleaning and disinfectant
  • Stocking cups, plastic cutlery, etc


  • Surface cleaning
  • Stocking cups, napkins
  • Interior window and door cleaning
  • Proper entry mat supply and cleaning



  • Common rooms and hallway cleanup
  • Recreation area cleanup and disinfectant
  • Unit-by-unit surface and floor cleaning
  • Stocking toiletry and hygiene items
  • Move-out cleaning



  • Comprehensive surface cleaning
  • Floor care for any surface
  • Bathroom sanitization and disinfectant
  • Stocking toiletry and hygiene items
  • Interior window and door cleaning
  • Entry mat supply and cleaning
Let’s give your common areas a better experience. Our crew can do the chores for you!




In order to lead an office to success, your business plan has to stand the test of time. We partner with businesses and property management companies that want their spaces to effectively look after their staff and clients. The more efficient your cleaning services team, the less time spent with assistants running errands. After a while, we hope you get used to forgetting when we even stopped by! Our maintenance services are second to none, as we specialize in disinfecting surfaces and improving the appearance of the office overall. 

Certified and Experienced Contractors

All business owners want to find the best service for their budget. As a long-standing local authority, we have seen many amateur floor cleaners come and go. Hiring licensed professionals can seem unnecessary at times, but we know how to take care of our clients in the most unobtrusive ways.
We clean overnight in single shifts so that our crew can maximize their resources. What's more, you can count on us when accidents happen. We have the expertise to respond to water damage, floor stains, and more. When an amateur floor cleaner abandons you in times of trouble, our crew at QuickBrite will step in to clean up the mess. Professional care comes with an assurance of timeliness and reliability. 
We know what you are thinking right about now: I need janitorial staff to do something not listed on here!
Have a special request for cleanup or maintenance?

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Janitorial Services In Bloomington IL