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Just as a poorly-designed website can be a turn-off for potential visitors, a messy office can be a red flag for potential customers. The appearance of your office may well be the first impression you make on your customer, and you don't get a second chance to make a good impression.
For that reason, it's important to maintain a clean, organized office space. However, that can be easier said than done with dozens of tasks to accomplish in a given work day.

That's where we come in. Quick Brite is Bloomington-Normal's trusted provider of janitorial services. We take pride in our work, and we never take shortcuts. If your business is in need of janitorial services, look no further. Janitorial services from Quick Brite provide regular cleaning maintenance so that your office is always ready to receive the next big visitor.


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What Are Janitorial Services?

Nowadays, there is a lot more to janitorial services than just a mop hitting the floor to keep your building clean, compliant, and sustainable.


Janitorial services relate to commercial property cleaning, including professional offices, educational, medical and industrial business cleaning. Some commercial janitorial services can include maintenance or property management services. 


Some of the janitorial services that are common in our area include removing trash, regular carpet vacuuming, hard floor dusting, and dusting of bookshelves and furniture. Janitors also clean and sanitize bathrooms, kitchens, and break areas, so that germs are eliminated and cleanliness is maintained.


While janitorial services and housekeeping may have some overlap, there are a few key differences. Housekeeping refers to consumer home cleaning services. They are primarily residential maid services and typically do not clean commercial properties of any sort. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, specializes in providing janitorial services for business properties in a variety of industries. 


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Tips For Hiring A Janitorial Services Company

One common mistake in hiring a janitorial service is to blindly choose a provider based on an online ad or a directory listing. That's why we encourage you to do your homework before making your choice. 


Ideally, once you have found a few janitorial services that offer all the services you need, you should request proposals from them and interview some companies to ensure that you are hiring the right one. In the meantime, we've put together a list of things to keep in mind when making your decision.


The best janitorial services:

1. Self perform screening for properly documented employees.

2. Complete both police background checks and drug testing before hiring employees.

3. Have a documented safety program.

4. Have a quality assurance program in place.

5. Are CIMS Certified.

6. Make sure you understand and agree to services and pricing.


Your phone calls are returned in a timely manner. A janitorial service that does not return phone calls will likely put off other warning signs. When you contact a company, they should provide you with a quick response or immediate reply. 


Their prices are affordable. A professional cleaning company will always add value, but this doesn’t mean their janitorial services should cost you a small fortune. 


Not every provider of janitorial services holds those standards as dearly as we do. While they are legitimate in their business practices, just do not have support systems in place to deliver quality work. They're not always bad people trying to get one over on you. Some are simply mismanaged or inexperienced cleaning services. In either case, what are companies doing wrong?


1. They do not have any formal quality assurance programs so they depend on you the customer to managing the onsite work crew. The problem is now you are not benefitting from one of the best reasons to outsource your janitorial services, letting someone else manage the team.

2. They are missing a documented safety program putting you at risk with OSHA compliance.

3. They may try to hire good people but without effective, systemized background and drug testing, they are leaving you, your team and facilities vulnerable.

4. They may lack an effective, formalized training program that keeps people safe and cleans for health.

5. They likely have a variable and confusing price structure leading them to underbid your job. When push comes to shove, they’ll either do less work or come back to you looking for more money.

6. They lack consistency and stabilility. You might not be sure who is going to show up to your office each day, and they might not be either. A well-run company will send personnel who are familiar with your preferences and needs on a regular basis. A lack of consistency is a sign that the cleaning company is unable to retain employees on a long term basis. 

7. They don't have a clear hierarchy. You don’t know who’s in charge. When an issue arises, getting in touch with someone should not be difficult. A professional cleaning company will check in with you frequently – even if their services aren’t required. 


CIMS Certification


You also have the option of hiring a company who is CIMS certified, meaning that an independent examiner has performed an audited to verify that they have all these practices in place.  This FREE shortcut can save you hours of time and lots of money and help you avoid choosing a janitorial services provider who won't add value to your workplace.


janitorial services

Why Hire Quick Brite?

As Bloomington-Normal's trusted provider of commercial cleaning and janitorial services, we recognize the importance of quality and integrity in our work.


We sweat the smallest details because we know that our work reflects on you. If we take shortcuts in cleaning your office, that looks bad for your customers and looks bad for us. Knowing this, we strive to provide the most comprehensive janitorial services in the area.


Services we offer:


Air Vent Cleaning

Our professionals will thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies to remove the dust and dirt that can impact indoor air quality.


Breakroom, Kitchen, and Cafeteria Cleaning

These are high-traffic areas where food is handled, causing them to be some of the dirtiest, most bacteria-laden areas in a workplace – our janitorial services and commercial cleaning supplies will keep them spotless and sanitized.


Building Maintenance and Handyman Services

We can take care of minor and major repair issue s inside or outside of your building, such as broken railings, burnt out light bulbs, and bathroom fixes.


Carpet Cleaning and Hard Surface Floor Care

With many years of experience, Quick Brite’s professional cleaners are trained on the highest quality equipment to properly clean whatever kind of floring you have.


Cleaning Desktops and Computer Rooms

We’ll properly remove the dust and dirt that can impact the performance of your electronic equipment while ensuring your data is safe.


Dusting and Damp Wiping

We’ll use the cleaning meth od that’s best for the particular surfaces around your facility, leaving the materials spotless.


Empty Trash Receptacles

In addition to taking out the trash, we’ll leave behind clean bins, free of any particles, liquids, or stray items that may have fallen outside the garbage bag.


Exterior Cleaning

Make a great first impression by ensuring the outside of your building looks as good as new. Services include pressure cleaning, graffiti removal and gutter cleaning.


Glass and Window Cleaning

Our window washers can han dle even multiple story buildings and leave all glass surfaces sparkling – no streaks or water spots. We also clean off frames, sills, tracks, and blinds.


Green Cleaning

We use many green cleaning products as a part of our standard services, but we also offer the option of only using certified green products to further protect your indoor environment.


High and Low Dusting

We can keep any surface dust-free, whether it’s floor level or high ceilings, using products specifically designed for the material.


Light Bulb Replacement

Whether you’re upgrading to more efficient lighting or just ensuring that all light sources are functioning, this is a great example of what our janitorial services company can maintain for your facility.


Healthcare Facility Cleaning

We have the specialized equip ment and training in the proper protocols and procedures necessary to safely and hygienically handle medical cleaning needs.


Office Cleaning Services

We can create a customized cleaning schedule for regular building maintenance or just a one-time deep clean.


Post Construction Cleaning

Whether it’s a brand new bu ild or a minor remodel, construction projects always leaves behind a layer of dust, debris, and dirt. We’ll leave it clean and ready to impress.


Pressure Washing

Pressure cleaning i s the most efficient way to safely remove dirt, grime, mold, dust, and any other loose particles from outdoor surfaces, furniture, and other objects.


Registers and Returns Cleaning

The appearance of your storefro nt plays an important role in retail businesses. We make it easy to maintain a clean, sanitary environment, including cleaning sensitive registers and returns for re-sale.


Restroom Sanitizing and Disinfecting

We’ll keep your bathrooms clean and germ-free with products that keep surfaces sanitized as well as looking sparkling clean.


Trash Removal

We can handle the removal of garbage created by everyday tasks, special projects, or construction – even if it includes potentially hazardous substances. Janitorial Services on a regular basis keep your facility customer and employee friendly.


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What Sets Quick Brite Apart?



Our crew members are extensively trained and use the latest commercial janitorial cleaning technologies to ensure the

hygiene and safety of your facility, staff, and clients.


Safety and Security

Every crew member goes through a rigorous background check and sports Quick Brite clothing so you know he's with us.



You tell us what’s most convenient for your business, and we’ll work around it.


More About Janitorial Services

Commercial cleaning services take care of heavier cleaning tasks, or those that are contracted on a regular basis at certain times of the year. For instance, your janitor probably won’t shampoo the carpet every week; but a professional carpet cleaning twice a year may be necessary, and that’s where a commercial cleaning service specializes in help for your business.


Tile and grout cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, and window washing are a few other services provided by commercial cleaners. Businesses are finding that an annual power washing of the exterior of their building makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of their company.


Types of Janitorial Services:


Education Facility Cleaning Services

Whether a childcare center or university, it is important to have a safe learning environment free of sanitation concerns. Commercial spaces equate to lots of hands on door knobs, lots of shoes tracking in dirt and the potential for significant bacteria.


Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Services

Healthcare facilities are everywhere, inviting all who are sick or seeking preventative care to be seen. A sterile environment is critical, which is why medical cleaning services focus on patient safety to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses and to prevent cross-contamination.


Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning is specialized and usually requires a site visit in order to understand the precise cleaning needs of the business. Machines, equipment and even detailed cleaning from top to bottom can all be addressed in a customized plan. Maintenance and other property management services can be included as well to support all the upkeep needs on the property.


Construction Cleaning Services

Construction cleaning services are another area of specialty that includes “rough” cleaning after framing, electrical and plumbing are done and inspected. Completed before and/or after sheetrock installation, construction cleaning is designed to prepare the area for final touches such as installation of systems furniture, machinery, painting, flooring, lighting or more.


Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Services Provider

Professional cleaning companies are skilled in properly cleaning, dusting, and sanitizing. There is much more to keeping an office clean than simply making sure everything is orderly. Experts like the guys at Quick Brite know what to do in order to ensure a clean environment.


A professional cleaning service can help improve your employee morale. Office workers do not want to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, dust, etc.  Allow your workers to do what they do best and leave cleaning to the experts.


Professional janitorial services prevent the build up of dust, mold, and other respiratory hazards. Thorough dusting can help ensure your office space has minimal allergens. A healthy workforce means a higher rate of productivity. When offices are clean and sanitized, those working in the office are less likely to get sick.  When workers are sick, there is always a loss in production or output.  


Professional cleaning companies can ensure certain products are kept on hand like paper towels in the restroom as well as toilet paper.  Business owners can easily overlook things like this given their other responsibilities.  


Questions to ask a janitorial services provider


1. How long have you been in business? You want a provider who's been in business for awhile. There are a number of lower-tier companies who purchase some rags, window cleaner and disinfectant and begin offering services to business owners. While some of these operations grow into respectable, full-fledged enterprises, you want to know who you're dealing with.


2. What types of clients do you have? This question will help determine if the provider has experience in providing janitorial services to offices like yours. If your office is highly specialized and you have equipment that needs dusting or perhaps polishing, it’s best to ensure the janitorial company has experience in serving others like you. 


3. What services do you provide? If the answer to this question is “we clean everything,” take warning. It’s best when janitorial companies can tell you exactly what they do and how they do it. Be leery of people who give vague answers, or who promise the world without giving any specifics. 


professional cleaning company can take on simple tasks like emptying waste baskets, cleaning desks, tables, etc. However, these professionals know the difference between simply “cleaning” something and actually sanitizing it. Commercial janitorial companies can sanitize bathrooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and more, leaving them not only sparkling clean, but also without nasty germs. They sanitize door knobs, countertops, chairs, etc. If an employee attempted to perform all of these tasks, they would simply be unable to get the work done that they were hired to do.


Simply put, commercial janitorial companies address issues in an office that most people would not consider. For example, who would think of sweeping the stairs and then polishing each stair and rise? This can make a huge difference, especially in the winter months when salt can accumulate on stairways. These little things amount to big differences in offices that use commercial janitorial services. Allow these experts to not only tidy up the office, but rid the office of germs that can linger causing illness and absenteeism. 

Tips before hiring a janitoral services provider


Understand your potential provider's specialties. Businesses may offer a long list of cleaning services, but most times they naturally focus on a certain specialty. You want to make sure that their specialties fit what your company needs. You shouldn’t hire a company to clean your kitchen if they do not understand anything about food safety standards, for example. 


Read customer reviews. It's important what the provider says to you, but it's just as important, if not more so, what other people say about them. In today's day and age, you can find reviews and feedback with a few keystrokes. Do the necessary homework to avoid making a hire you regret. Reviews from actual customers are the best way to understand the mentality the company has with regards to getting the job done right.


Ask About Insurance. We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that your commercial cleaning company is insured. In addition to making sure your property is protected, you need to be sure that your business is protected. Ask if the cleaning service your company is considering is insured – and be sure to ask to see proof. Any company that is properly insured should not hesitate to show you their paperwork.


Review their portfolio and online footprint. Reviewing their website, business Facebook page and other online properties can help you understand what they’re actually doing and how they truly manage their customers. This is valuable insight into how a company actually operates on a day to day basis. 


Tips For Writing a Janitorial Services Contract


1. Basic information from both parties

Your contract should list the following details about your business and your client:

  • Names.

  • Addresses.

  • Contact information (email and phone numbers).

2. Services included

This is where you and your provider need to make sure you're on the same page. You can also refer back to this section later if there's a disagreement.


Your provider should specify:

  • Where work will be done. Detail what areas the business is responsible for cleaning and what it won't clean.

  • Work schedule. Define how long each cleaning session will be, how many times a month they'll clean, and what time and days they'll be at your location. If holidays are excluded, specify that here.

  • Cleaning duties. Itemize this task list so your provider knows what to do and what not to do. Be sure to clarify which tasks are daily, weekly, or monthly.


3. Supply Responsibilties

This section should specify whether you or the provider is responsible for supplying paper goods, trash liners, etc. Specify when and how the provider will be notified about restock needs and the price for this service. This is especially important for cleaning businesses that service hotels and commercial office buildings.


4. Renewal and termination

You might consider using renewal and termination clauses if…

  • You want your contracts to run month to month.

  • You want to give your business and provider the opportunity to walk away so long as 30 days' notice is given.

This can help you avoid getting stuck with demanding or problematic providers.


5. Payment

Make sure it's clear how payment will be handled. This section should be airtight. Be sure to spell out…

  • Payment amount for the services outlined above.

  • Payment due dates.

  • How you will be billed for services.

  • How you prefer to pay your provider (e.g., check or credit card).

6. Dispute and conflict resolution

Here is where you might need a lawyer's help. Have a legal professional outline how to handle a dispute over your services or the fulfillment of the contract. For example, your attorney might include…

  • Action steps for how to handle an issue over services. This might require that you inform the provider about an issue before moving to a lawsuit.

  • An arbitration clause. This requires both parties to resolve their dispute through the process of arbitration. Unlike a lawsuit where both parties go to court and a judge decides on an issue, arbitration is where you and the client present evidence to an impartial third party called an arbitrator, and the arbitrator makes a binding decision on the issue. 


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