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Quick-Brite is a locally owned & operated commercial cleaning contractor serving the Bloomington-Normal community. We want you to be the hero of your home or office by having your carpets professionally cleaned and bring them back to looking brand new! We have years of experience & a proven carpet cleaning system that is able to properly return the original look & feel of your carpet.




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2 Methods of Cleaning Carpets


Hot Water Extraction

The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is by far the most popular and well-known method among both professional cleaners & homeowners. For professionals, you will often see truck-mounted units used for hot water extraction. They are connected to a high power water heater and vacuuming system that allows for maximum cleaning. For the average homeowner, they will often use rented portable carpet cleaning machines that can be found at most hardware stores. Each have advantages & disadvantages that make them desirable for certain situations, and avoidable for others.


When to Hire a Professional

Some of the main advantages when hiring a professional to perform your carpet cleaning come when you consider the application of the cleaning products. Professional carpet cleaners will almost always use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. This system allows for greater vacuuming & higher water heat, allowing for much faster dry times when compared to a rented unit. With potentially years of performing carpet cleaning on a variety of carpet styles, hiring a professional carpet cleaner would also increase the quality of the cleaning performed. By leveraging the best quality cleaning products & skills to perform the cleaning correctly, your carpet will be well cared for when working with a quality, well-rated professional. Regardless if you perform carpet cleaning yourself or hire a professional, you will be left with a wet carpet. If you are needing the fastest drying times, then hiring a professional is undoubtedly the way to go.


When to Do It Yourself

When price is a major consideration of your choice of carpet cleaning method, it will be almost certainly cheaper to perform the cleaning yourself. Renting equipment & cleaning solution from your local hardware store will usually cost less than $100. For homeowners with small amounts of carpet and have the time to spend an afternoon cleaning them, cleaning your own carpets may be the way to go. One downside to cleaning your own carpets with a rented machine is the machine often doesn’t have a wide track, leaving the entire process to take much longer than professional equipment would require. With 2-5 gallon tanks found in most rented units, you will need to dump & refill the water tank multiple times when cleaning a standard 10’x12’ bedroom. You will also need to make sure to adjust your water heater settings to increase the maximum heat of the water you fill your tank with. The water you use should be at least around 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit to properly clean your carpets. This temperature is extremely hot and will burn your skin easily if you are not careful. Often, this is best left to the professionals to handle.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Known as “very low moisture” (VLM) systems, dry cleaning carpets is often a good choice for a homeowner that would like faster drying times with less labor to put into the process. This method uses a combination of pre-treatments & pre-conditioners that are detergents that break the soil binding to carpet fibers. These detergents are sprayed onto the carpet before the dry cleaning process begins. If you choose to perform this method yourself, it’s important to know that the pre-treatment shouldn’t be left on the carpet for longer than 15 minutes, as the detergents are meant to be left sitting for too long without working through the carpet fibers.


If you would like to learn more about our dry carpet cleaning options, feel free to call our office anytime and we would love to discuss this with you!  


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