Commercial Floor Care

Floor Cleaning Orbital ScrubberQuick Brite, LLC provides excellent floor care services including:


  • Residential and Commercial
  • Carpet Extraction Deep Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Burnishing
  • Floor Strip and Waxing
  • Water Damage Clean Up


We utilize the latest cleaning techniques, products and equipment to ensure we are providing superior service to our customers.


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What is Commercial Floor Care?

While each type of floor found in a business can be different, there are some basic methods of cleaning high-traffic areas that lead to better, longer lasting floors. For businesses with lots of customers coming in and out, the floors will get dirty extremely fast. Having a reliable, professional cleaner providing routine cleaning and maintenance to your floors will allow your business to save costs down the road by avoiding replacing your floors as often.


Commercial floor care focuses on routine cleaning, having proper matting in place, and the use of the proper professional tools. Routine cleaning is important on commercial floors because of the increased traffic they handle each day when compared to most residential flooring. Your customers will enjoy visiting your location more when it is a clean, healthy environment. Don’t fall behind the competition, have the cleanest location in town!


Proper matting at business entrances is important because it helps remove dirt & debris from people’s shoes when walking in. Even in a professional setting, shoes will pick up dust, dirt, leaves, etc. and bring them into your office. This leads to a messier and less professional look for your business and may influence their decision to continue partnering with you. We will provide mats that match your business décor and blend in with your location so they go unnoticed. With our routine cleaning of these mats, you won’t have to ever think about them again!


Using the right equipment for professional floor care is absolutely essential. By leveraging scrubbing pads, wet vac, and quality floor polish, we are able to save time & money when providing floor care services. We are able to charge less for our services while maintaining a higher quality because we perform each routine cleaning more efficiently than the other competition found in Bloomington-Normal.  


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Commercial Cleaning Services

At Quick Brite, we offer multiple commercial cleaning service packages that can be customized to fit your specific business needs. Whether you’re looking for carpet extraction, hard surface burnishing, floor strip & waxing, or water damage cleanup, we have the experienced professionals you need for the job!


Our carpet extraction deep cleaning service allows us to perform one-time & regular deep cleaning of your businesses’ carpets, depending on foot traffic & needs. For some businesses, we perform a deeper spring & fall cleaning of their carpets on the weekends, while providing smaller weekly cleanings throughout the year to maintain cleanliness.


For hard commercial floors, often made of vinyl composition tile (VCT), regular burnishing & polishing need to take place throughout the year. No business owner wants to waste their time & energy performing this, we will come in and make sure everything is taken care of with our regular cleaning schedules. You can be confident that your floors are taken care of by experienced professionals that know what your floors need to look great for years to come!


In some cases, it makes sense for businesses to completely strip old layers of finish or wax from their commercial floor. In these situations, a professional certainly needs to handle the job. Floor stripping chemicals can be harmful to your skin and should only be handled by trained floor care professionals. If you would like to discuss these options, call a member of our team to learn more!


If a pipe breaks or if your business location floods, you may need professional water damage clean up immediately. While some minor fixes can be made, it is best to leave jobs like these to the professionals to reduce the risk of mold growing in your business. The presence of mold has serious adverse health side effects for anyone spending time in your location and will weaken your building’s structure over time. Let Quick Brite handle your water damage cleanup when emergency strikes and have peace of mind your problem is taken care of!


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