Carpet Cleaning Tips

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Make that old carpet look new again

You made the investment and got yourself some nice carpet - but now you’re worried it’s not as clean as it was. Sound right? Or maybe you just want to take some preventative measures.

Either way, we’ve got some tips for those who feel their carpet needs a good cleaning. Of course, for the best clean, we encourage you to contact us and let us do our thing, but we understand some are inclined toward DIY.

How To Clean My Carpet

The first order of business in cleaning carpet is to protect furniture, carpet padding, and subfloor. You’ll want to remove any furniture from where you’re cleaning carpet. You’ll also want to vacuum the carpet thoroughly, and you may want to consider having a professional do this.

Most home carpet cleaning systems are water extraction units that are also known as steam cleaners, though technically speaking true steam cleaners are used on hardwood floors. A proper carpet cleaning machine forces a warm cleaning mixture deep into your carpet to blast out dirt and grime as built-in brushes help root out deeply embedded dirt. At the same time, powerful suction immediately pulls out the dirt and liquid.

While it’s important to vacuum beforehand, it’s also important to know that vacuums, even the best ones, simply can’t reach the dirt embedded into the base of your carpet’s fibers, which makes a periodic deep cleaning crucial. The best part is that carpet cleaning, even with its numerous benefits, isn’t much more difficult than vacuuming.

I want the professionals at Quick Brite to do the cleaning

Types Of Carpet Cleaners

There are two types of common carpet cleaners: upright and portable. Upright cleaners are designed to make deep cleaning an entire room quick and easy. They often have stiff bristles designed to scrub and lift dirt and stains. Portable cleaners are, well, portable, which means they’re smaller and great for cleaning spots and stains. They’re convenient to have, especially when you have company or visitors.

When it comes time to clean, vacuum the area and pre-treat noticeably stained areas with a pre-treat formula, or one of the DIY methods we describe below. Make a slow forward and backward pass over the affected areas while pressing the trigger on your cleaner, then do so again without pressing the trigger to create good suction. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum again.

A word of caution: make sure you don’t get the carpets overly wet. Doing so runs the risk of damaging carpet fiber and padding, in addition to inviting mold growth.

Removing Carpet Stains

When it comes to removing stains, we have a few tricks for that, too. The best piece of advice we can offer is to address the stains as quickly as possible. The second best piece of advice we can offer is to enlist our services (only half kidding). Having said this, we do have a few DIY tips.

When it comes to removing stains, you always want to dab stains, not rub them. Do so with a cleaning solution and clean cloth, paper towels, or sponge. Club soda is known to be effective against beer and wine stains - blot the area with soda on a cloth. If that doesn’t work, you may need to mix in vinegar, spray the solution on the area, and let sit for 15 minutes before blotting again. If you manage to spill blood on your carpet, hydrogen peroxide should get that out all day long.

Our hope is that, having read this, you better understand the importance of a deep carpet clean, feel more confident in cleaning your carpet, and feel more assured in calling Quick Brite to make that carpet look like new again.